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We know that compliance with 3 laws in +30 countries is a great challenge and impossible if you don't have the necessary knowledge, experience, and network.

That is why we offer you our services and advice when you sell internationally.

We offer our international service for all three topics: electronics, batteries, and packaging.

Our international service includes:

  • Obligation analysis
  • Registration
  • Contract management
  • Timely reports to authorities
  • Negotiation
  • Timely reports to systems
  • Advice on labeling requirements
  • Audits
  • Update
  • Legal representation by power of attorney
  • Mediation of international partners for other compliance issues (REACH / RoHS etc.)

these services are divided into three packages:

Certi Check

We will inform you and you will decide on the next steps.

Depending on customer requirements, the Certi Check includes:

  • Presentation of the law
  • Individual analysis of the legal requirements
  • Answering the mandatory question
  • Cost analysis
  • Individual solution approaches
  • Individual advice from Certify

The Certi Check is suitable for obtaining a detailed overview of the scope and costs of the obligations and for initiating the necessary steps.

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Certi Base

We only do the initial registration for you, so you can act risk-free and pursue the registration on your own.

This package includes the following services:

  • Individual analysis of the legal requirements
  • Initial registration
  • Onboarding & familiarization
  • Ongoing consulting by Certify

Certi Base is suitable for companies that are able to assign sufficient personnel for the registrations and to keep themselves permanently informed about changes regarding the national laws and obligations..

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Certi Service

You cede your duties to us. Your registrations will be initiated and continued by us, so that you have nothing more to do. We even assume liability for this. As an outsourced "conformity department" we offer you:

  • Individual analysis of the legal requirements
  • First registration
  • Contract management
  • Recurring notification by Certify to the authorities and systems
  • Examination of the bills that go to you
  • Permanent observation of the legal situation and, if necessary, adjustments without you having to take any action
  • Proactive updates and information about your compliance
  • Ongoing advice from Certify

The Certi Service is suitable for you if you want to know that all your duties have been completed without having to take action yourself. Certify acts as an authorized representative and organizes the best solutions for you according to your duties. You have no effort and can be sure that you are not taking any risks.

We are happy to support you and take the time to clarify all open questions. We accompany you and are always by your side. Concentrate on your business, we take care of your producer responsibility.

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